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Potato blues

I found a blighty looking tomato on one of my plants today and ended up scrutinising the nearby potatoes. The leaves looked suspiciously blight-esque so I decided to pull them all up, spur of the moment.

I was planning to buy myself a garden fork to celebrate potato harvest time this summer, but under the circumstances all I had was a folding hand trowel that I’d won, oddly but luckily, at the Institute of Fundraising convention last summer. Not the perfect tool for the job maybe but it is a brilliant little thing and very much in keeping with my slightly chaotic and impromptu gardening style. So off I went, chucking soil this way and that in search of treasure.

I managed to get up a fair number of lovely little spuds. What was extra exciting was that I had completely forgotten that I’d planted a variety of blue potato! (It’s a heritage variety called ‘Salad Blue’ and its friend there is ‘Ratte’, a variety similar to ‘Pink Fir Apple’ apparently.) Can’t wait to taste them.



The made up garden

I have a very cobbled together garden. The veg patch gets too much shade and the neighbourhood cats like to use it as a toilet (leading me to punctuate the earth with random sticks in an attempt to make it uninviting to their paws/bottoms).Vegetable patch

But I do love my garden. It’s a good place for sitting with a cup of tea and watching the washing dry in the sun. And in the height of summer there will be greens and tomatoes, alpine strawberries and the buzz of bees everywhere. It lets me be outdoors and grow things and swear at cats (I love cats really) and get dirty fingernails and just make things up as I go along.

For example…

Today’s top 5 uses for the empty veg box crates I keep forgetting to put out to be collected by the veg box delivery person:

1. Petite shed for garden hand tools

2. Pedestal to create backdoor window box effect


3. Trough for growing greens (nasturtiums and mixed lettuces perhaps?)

Growing box

4. Table for seed modules (dwarf sunflower and calendula)

Seed modules

5. Mini utility room greenhouse for germinating chillies, tomatoes, basil and lovage

Germinating seeds in utility room