I originally started this blog in 2009, in honour of leaving my job of three years to embark on something new. Sometime before then, someone had asked me what requests I’d make of the genie in the lamp, given three wishes. One thing I wished for was an Adventure. (Courage too, or perhaps Foolhardiness, to leave a more or less secure job in the midst of an economic recession. But then again, the job had exceeded its shelf life…and perhaps it is more foolish to languish than to risk.)

And so I departed from Bristol, UK, my home of three and half years, to go on a trip. Rather than fly back from Arizona (my home state in the USA) after Christmas and the start of the new year, as originally and entirely sensibly planned, I went instead to LA, to Sydney, and on to New Zealand.

Well, why not? And so began the first part of the story.

A few months later I returned. And I decided to keep on writing. And what it all amounts to, I really do not know. There are massive gaps between many posts, but despite this there is perhaps still a sense of continuity.

I’ve now (in 2014) lived in Bristol for eight years and in the UK for over 15. I’m an American that sometimes forgets she’s a foreigner, whose accent is a strange hybrid (but usually recognized to have a ‘twang’) and who gets teased by American friends and family for being so very ‘British’. I love my adopted city, riding my bike, being outdoors, looking, seeing, making things. And words, I adore words! (Probably far too much at times.)



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“Not all those who wander are lost.”

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