Potato blues

I found a blighty looking tomato on one of my plants today and ended up scrutinising the nearby potatoes. The leaves looked suspiciously blight-esque so I decided to pull them all up, spur of the moment.

I was planning to buy myself a garden fork to celebrate potato harvest time this summer, but under the circumstances all I had was a folding hand trowel that I’d won, oddly but luckily, at the Institute of Fundraising convention last summer. Not the perfect tool for the job maybe but it is a brilliant little thing and very much in keeping with my slightly chaotic and impromptu gardening style. So off I went, chucking soil this way and that in search of treasure.

I managed to get up a fair number of lovely little spuds. What was extra exciting was that I had completely forgotten that I’d planted a variety of blue potato! (It’s a heritage variety called ‘Salad Blue’ and its friend there is ‘Ratte’, a variety similar to ‘Pink Fir Apple’ apparently.) Can’t wait to taste them.