A rule of my universe

I cannot find tahini in the supermarket unless I am not looking for it.

I have learned this from long experience. However, long experience has also led me to know that it exists on one of approximately two aisles. To locate it, one then has to – and I say this as if this is a general rule of the universe when in reality it likely is not – walk down the approximately two suspected aisles (where I know it will be on my right if I walk towards the back of the store) and – this is important – move in a  nonchalant manner, never looking  directly at the suspected shelves within the approximately two aisles.

If you think I’m making this up, allow me to tell you this strategy, newly unveiled, worked perfectly today and I had tahini in my basket within one pass down the approximately two aisles. And no scowling or muttering. Just calm, sidelong glances at the shelving.

Tahini and apparent sanity – a good day in the supermarket.

2 thoughts on “A rule of my universe”

    1. Hey, I never said that the jars were actually consciously trying to hide from me. But now that you mention it…hmm…

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