Stories overheard on the bus 1

Woman on Bus: What are they, Masters of the Universe? Look, there’s two Skeletors.

Man on Bus: Yeah, heh heh. I think you’re either people who do fancy dress, or you’re not.

WoB: You know Sophie, for her hen do they all went as fairies

MoB: Oh yeah

WoB: and they had these wands that lit up at the ends when they waved them and they made the sort of magical…fairy noise. They were walking past this restaurant and this little girl, she was like maybe four or five, she was sitting at the table in the window and watching them, really intent on those wands, like they were the most amazing things she’d ever seen. You could tell she really wanted one, yeah?

MoB: Uh huh.

WoB: A few minutes later they walked back past the restaurant again. They were carrying on to another bar or something. And then Sophie turned around and went back and she gave her wand to the little girl.

MoB: Ah yeah, I was hoping you were going to say that, that one of the would go back, the story would end that way.

WoB: Yeah! And she must’ve been like how amazing, there’s this whole group of fairies and one them’s just given me her wand.